Time to Draw

Drawing can be very meditative and soothing, but you don’t have to start with a blank piece of paper.

Suzanne Alsop, Glenside Hospital Museum volunteer is a keen colourer, ‘I have found colouring to be helpful in my own recovery and relating some of my pictures to the noble characteristics of these animals has added further empowerment.’.


‘’ KING OF THE JUNGLE’’ Symbolism: Courage





Suzanne colours to help her deal with her mental health on her journey of recovery from illness. She has been using her beautiful colouring to put together a display for the Museum to support visitors’ well-being.

To inspire us all, here are some of her latest pictures which draw strength from the animal kingdom,





‘’WISE OLD OWL’’ Symbolism: Renewal



‘’AN ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS’’ Symbolism: Determination