ARCHIVE “A tailor from Antrim”

 John Mullholland

12 Battalion Royal Irish Rifles 18524  Private/Rifleman

Dates Unknown


John Mulholland was a tailor from Antrim. Northern Ireland and enlisted on September 16th 1914 near Belfast.

In France, sometime around August 13th he had an attack of influenza, laryngitis and a sore throat. Since then he was short of breath, had a troublesome cough and palpitations. He was in bed most of the time. Never had rheumatism. He arrived at Beaufort War Hospital on 30th August 1917, and discharged on the 13th October 1917 after 44 days in hospital. He was 24 years old and discharged as permanently unfit, and thought to be incapable of working.

Doctors notes in his military record read: Anaemic. Very weak and breathless on exertion. Heart’s action irregular. Slight systolic mitral murmur with some of beats. Well marked aortic diastolic heard over aortic area and end of sternum. Pulse poor, somewhat collapsing on raising arm.