ARCHIVE Soldiers

British Soldiers

There are no lists or hospital archives from Beaufort War Hospital.

Military hospital records were destroyed in the 1920s, viewed by the War Office as of little interest as they concerned the Home Front. In addition, only 40% of British Army Service Records survive; the archive was bombed and burnt during the Second World War.

In our research, the starting point was to examine autograph books, which had signatures, poems and drawings done by Beaufort soldiers. We made a list of their names, regiments, and military numbers, which we used to find out more about them from online databases, and internet searches.

Also we gained new material from relatives who knew of a soldier who had been at the hospital and contacted us.

Commonwealth Soldiers

The Beaufort Hospital also looked after soldiers from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. These men have been much easier to research. Their records were taken back to the home country after the war. All the Australian First World War Service Records are freely available online. The enlisted Canadians are recorded in their online archives. View the National Archives of Australia and The Canadian Expeditionary Force respectively for more information.

Australian Airmen

In these early days of aviation there were frequent accidents. The records from the Australian Training Base in Gloucestershire note the accident and visits by the injured to Beaufort to be treated. Some of their names also appear in the autograph books.