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“The Lunatic Pauper Palace” Glenside Hospital Bristol 1861-1994

 Dr Donal F. Early

“The Lunatic Pauper Palace” by Dr Donal F. Early


A History of the Bristol Lunatic Asylum which became Beaufort War Hospital during the first world war and then Glenside Psychiatric Hospital.

Written by Dr Donal Early who was a doctor there from 1944 and founded the unique Museum for Glenside.

ISBN:  0-9542458-2-2

Price: £20 plus £3 P&P


 A History of Brentry

House, Reformatory, Colony and Hospital

 Peter K Carpenter

A History of Brentry House, Reformatory, Colony and Hospital by Peter K Carpenter

ISBN 0-9542458-1-4

Price: £20 plus £3 P&P


 The National Institutions for Persons

Requiring Care and Control,

Stoke Park Colony, Bristol

Peter K Carpenter

The National Institutions for Persons Requiring Care and Control, Stoke Park Colony, Bristol by Peter K Carpenter

ISBN: 0-9542458-0-6

Price £7 Plus £2 P&P

Over 100 Images

 In the museum there are also a number of A5 booklets

written by researchers and produced by Glenside Hospital Museum.

We can post these Booklets to you for £2.00 plus postage:

Glenside Hospital 1861-1994, Sixth Extended Revised Edition for 125th Anniversary Celebration.

The Development of Mental Health Nursing, by Monica E. Baly, The Mendip Hospital, by Dougal Duncan.

History of Stoke Park Hospital, a report by the Bristol Observer, March 1st 1913, an anthology of historical records including research by late Dr J. Jancar. Edited by Julius A. Herrstein.