Moved by Conflict: First World War Exhibition at the M Shed

WP_20141106_005Find out how the First World War effected Bristol and its people in the M Shed’s new exhibition, ‘Moved by Conflict‘. Featuring archives and original objects, the exhibition reveals how local lives were impacted by war.

Glenside Hospital Museum are proud to have supplied one of the many fascinating objects that make up the exhibition: a pair of Moccasin shoes (pictured right). These shoes date from the First World War, when the hospital was known as Beaufort War Hospital. Specifically, it dates from the period when wounded Canadian soldiers were being looked after – so they were likely owned by one of these brave men.

‘Moved by Conflict’ has received much praise from its visitors. The exhibition organiser told us: “We’ve had a tremendous response from visitors to the exhibition, who love everything about it – the stories, the objects, the fictional characters, the design, the levels of interactivity, the ‘Reading Room.” Many visitors have enjoyed the exhibition so much they’ve returned several times. Even a few VIPs have paid it a visit, including Imperial War Museum representatives and mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson!

With only just over a month to go until the exhibition closes, we encourage you visit this moving and informative exhibition. Why not download this Moved by Conflict 2 for 1 Offer and bring a friend?  

Once you’ve been, share your experiences on Twitter and Facebook using the M Shed’s special hashtag #MovedbyConflict – we’d love to hear your thoughts!