Archive “Lost finger replaced by a toe”

Albert Proud, 1892 – 1977

Able Seaman

North East Sea Service Royal Naval Division

January 1915 – June 1916

albert proud pic2 love letters to his wife

albert proud pic 3 training

After completing 3 months of  training, Albert, sailed for Marseille on HMT Ionian on the 1st April 1915. In June 1916, he transferred to the 4th Army Corp and received  Light Trench Mortar training. He was recorded as wounded on 29th August 1916.

He returned to England to stay at Mancester’s 2nd West Hospital and then was sent to Beaufort War Hospital for treatment.

“The second finger in his left hand had been shot off! It needed to be operated on under the control of the Kings Doctor , where his finger was replaced by one of his toes. A very unusual but brilliant operation took place.”

albert proud pic

He returned to where he was born in Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, where he lived for the rest of his life. He married Janet Farnell at St James Church Benwell.

Our Research

To find our wounded soldiers the Museum regularly searches the internet and Albert was one to be found this way.  Michael Mein of Benwell, Albert Proud’s  great grandson published what he knew in the newspaper The Journal.