Fit for the Future: recruiting volunteers for September 2023 to join our Collection Team.

Tailored guidance will support volunteer staff at Glenside Hospital Museum (GHM) to undertake a systematic review of the collection to preserve it for the future. In particular, supporting the Museum to identify core items that destigmatise mental illness and have the potential to enrich the visitor offer and engage a wider audience online to further their understanding of mental health care.

Working Wednesdays or Saturdays 10am- 4pm you will receive training and support to conduct a systematic analysis of our objects, library, and papers, with a view to identifying our core (priority) collection, items for our handling collection and items for potential finding disposal.

Work will involve being on site at Glenside Hospital Museum, and at home as required. The Museum is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, so work onsite would mostly need to be completed on those days.

 ‘Fit for the Future’

Funded by South West Museum Development with thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Art Fund

Background to the Project

GHM is based in the Grade II listed church built for patients of the 1861 psychiatric hospital. We have three local hospital collections: psychiatric; learning disability; and First World War orthopaedic. The key collection is from the psychiatric hospital 1861-1994 and is significant in its ability to support understanding of mental health care. The project will contribute to GHM’s ability, as an Accredited Museum, to thrive and adapt as a community asset now and in the future.

GHM Vision

To play a vital role in destigmatising mental illness and learning disabilities, and supporting personal wellbeing in our communities, by making hidden histories accessible to a wide range of people, now and in the future.

GHM Mission

To increase people’s knowledge and understanding of their brain and health care using our collection from three hospitals. We provide a safe, stimulating environment where our communities can contribute to destigmatising mental illness, and those with lived experience are encouraged to contribute to the history and development of mental health and learning disability care.


We aim to provide a safe, inclusive, and caring environment for our volunteers and visitors, so they have a positive experience, while appreciating everyone’s differences. 

We need to review our collection to ensure what we have is relevant to our mission, and to correctly divest what isn’t. The project aligns with GHM’s Forward Plan strategic aims, specifically ‘To support mental wellbeing through engagement with our cared for collection‘ and Objective 3: ‘Drive a more agile approach to collections management through rationalisation, disposal, and clear identification of our core (priority) collection by 2025.’

Our ambition is to ensure our core (priority) collection is identified, preserved, and shared in the future.

How to Apply

Contact Stella Man: outlining your interest and availability. We will arrange a time for you to visit and discuss the project.