Our purpose

Glenside Hospital Museum provides a rare opportunity for people to discuss mental illness and incapacity through an examination of the past. Our core purpose is to be a dynamic educational community resource. We are determined to change negative attitudes about mental illness, and to speak out. Silence is a cause of stigma.

Our collection of artifacts, images, and data from the Bristol Asylum and psychiatric hospital (1861 to 1994) and the Stoke Park Colony of Hospitals (1909 to 2000), provide stimulating insights in how people experiencing mental health problems were cared for and opportunities to consider our own well-being.

Glenside Hospital Museum Aims:

  • To preserve and protect its collections for all generations, present and future.
  • To reduce the stigma surrounding Mental Health, and Learning Difficulties.
  • To portray what life was like in Bristol Psychiatric and Learning Difficulties hospitals from a neutral and factual point of view.
  • To involve the community in the development of the museum and exhibits.
  • To be active in the acquisition of artefacts relating to the Bristol Psychiatric, and Learning Difficulties hospitals so that they may be preserved and shown. 

    GHM Collections Development Policy