How can you help?

Glenside Hospital Museum

The museum has a wide variety of projects and is always looking for people to work on them. There is historical research to conduct, displays to be put together, and general work to ensure we provide the best visitor experience we can.

We are able to be flexible and aim to give a volunteer work that fits in with their own interests or requirements. Our volunteers span the full age range from 15-85, and have a wide range of skills.

We have many volunteers who are temporary such as students, or people giving their time to complete a specific project such as an oral history, providing us with information on our artefacts or researching an aspect of our heritage.

We also have more permanent volunteers who come in regularly to open up, clean, maintain and guide visitors, as well as a cataloguingĀ  and archiving team who are digitising our collection.

The Museum is always a hive of activity and one packet of biscuits does not last long!

This list gives you some idea of the tasks waiting for you to participate in.

  • Cataloguing and archiving the collections
  • Researching specific subjects that will enhance our understanding of the collection and could enhance our displays
  • Help with cleaning, painting, decorating, carpentry etc
  • Tour guides
  • Help with our social media and other PR activities to make sure people know we are here
  • Arranging special exhibitions
  • Helping with public enquiries

We can provide 1-1 training for any aspect of interest.

We do not have a formal application / interview process, so if you are interested please visit us at the museum and ask for Stella Man (our Volunteer co-ordinator) or email her at