Oral History

Glenside Hospital Museum

Voices from Inside Glenside


Glenside Hospital Museum is collecting audio recordings of people who lived, worked and visited Glenside Hospital. We have over 50 oral histories from patients, staff and visitors providing an additional insight and richness to our collection of photographs and artefacts. The voices describe life in the Mental Hospital when it was already 100 years old.

While the written records hold the facts, numbers of patients, possible treatments, even the reasons why there was a large mental hospital on the outskirts of Bristol, oral history can give you an insight into what it felt like to walk the corridors, to live and work in a large institution like Glenside.

Oral History combines storytelling, with social history. The recordings hold fascinating detail. They provide a starting point from which you begin to ask questions:

 ‘Is that true?’, ‘Why exactly was that?’, and opens the door to, ‘I’d like to know more.’


The voices describe Glenside when it is already 100 years old

  1. The first series of 1 – 10 extracts are to take you on a journey looking at how life was organised listening to many different voices, from the late 1950’s to when the hospital shut in 1994. (Created by Stella Man)
  2. These are followed by an 8 minute soundscape about Glenside Hospital. (Created by Mary Ingoldby)
  3. Some additional extracts under headings which came from the many hours of information we have collected and digitised for researchers and visitors to the Museum.