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Two patients, two photographs, two conditions

Glenside Hospital Museum

Asylum photographs: a snap shot in time part 1 by Paul Tobia. Poor mental health can strike at any time. In Victorian Britain it could be caused by a skin disease or as now old age. While photographs capture a very short period of time and the sitter could look very different a few seconds […]

Harriet Bamfield


Moron. Be aware human feelings are involved

Glenside Hospital Museum

WORDS HAVE POWER JILL ACHINEKU’S BLOG SERIES EXPLORING ABLEIST LANGUAGE FOR GHM   “He makes the same mistake as the others when they look at a feeble-minded person and laugh because they don’t understand there are human feelings involved.” The words of Daniel Keyes’ protagonist, Charlie Gordon, in ‘Flowers for Algernon’. If you were required […]

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Words have power

Glenside Hospital Museum

In recent years there has been a movement to call attention to the widespread use of ableist language. If you don’t know, ableist language is any word or phrase that intentionally or inadvertently targets an individual with a disability. So using words like crazy, idiot, lame etc. to describe someone is ableist. Some people think […]

Between the Devil and the Angels

Glenside Hospital Museum

Asylum Lives blog post by Paul Tobia This blog starts with the lives and experiences of people who suffered from mental health problems from 1861 to 1900 at the Bristol Lunatic Asylum, which later became Glenside Hospital. It will be run by Glenside Hospital Museum and myself, Paul Tobia. Initially it will be based on […]


Video on Asylum Furnishings and Decoration circa 1891

Glenside Hospital Museum

Henry Burdett reading from his book on Asylum Furniture and Decoration Moira Gavin has produced a video (click on link above to see) as part of our exhibition currently on show at the Museum ‘In Search of Self’.Moria has been cataloging our books and drew her inspiration from one of the many lovely old books […]

A day at Glenside Hospital Museum

Glenside Hospital Museum

Developed by Part Exchange Co’s Hidden City Writer in residence project through their Arts Council funded Engine House project. DO NO HARM WHILE TRYING TO DO SOME GOOD A day at Glenside Hospital Museum by Lucy Bell There are life-sized mannequins at Glenside Hospital Museum. Dressed in medical gowns, they treat other mannequins with everything […]

Great Doors Open Day: BIG Thank You x 3

Glenside Hospital Museum

  x 3 Thank you to the Doors Open Day team for yet another successful event. We do appreciate all the work that goes into organising the day. Thank you too to all our volunteers who came in to make sure it went to plan, and especially those who dressed for the event! Thank you […]


Ann Blannin with her art piece. A brain.

In Search of Self: art inspired by the Museum

Glenside Hospital Museum

On 12th September for Bristol Doors Open Day 2015 we are launching an exhibition of art done by the custodians of our collection. On the day some of our volunteers will be in costume reflecting different aspects of the building’s history. Come and spot the wounded First World War soldier dressed in blue, the Victorian […]

Beaufort War Hospital & The New Discipline of Orthopaedics

Glenside Hospital Museum

This photograph shows a typical hospital workshop between 1916 and 1918. Beaufort War Hospital became an Orthopaedic Centre in the summer of 1916. Orthopaedics was a relatively new medical discipline. Up until the 1890s, orthopaedics was a study limited to the correction of deformity in children. Beaufort was selected because of its existing workshops and […]

servicemen embroidering

orthopedic instrument

A Shocking Box – Military Orthopaedics in Bristol, 1916

Glenside Hospital Museum

This box from the hospital’s collection contains the Smart-Bristow faradic apparatus. Our box is probably late 1920s but it is almost exactly the same as the model which would have been used in the First World War at Beaufort War Hospital. The device would send electromagnetically charged voltages at a desired degree and frequency into […]

The Thomas Splint – the Symbolic Birth of Orthopaedics

Glenside Hospital Museum

The Museum has several Thomas Splints – the symbolic of the birth of orthopaedics – which could date from the First World War. Colonel Robert Jones, CB, promoted the use of the Thomas splint for the initial treatment of femoral fractures and reduced mortality related to compound fractures of the femur from 87% to less […]

Thomas Splint

A C Gibson matron

A Favourite of Florence Nightingale

Glenside Hospital Museum

A favourite of Florence Nightingale Matron Annie Gibson Another story of amazing detection   Matron Annie Gibson 1888: one of Florence Nightingale’s favourite nurses.   Postcard of staff at Beaufort War Hospital In one of the postcards of the medical staff at Beaufort Hospital there is an older matron. Who was she? In Stone and […]

The Case of the Mystery Trocar

Glenside Hospital Museum

Guest post by volunteer Ted Aylmer. Visit his interesting Bristol history blog here. It Begins With a Letter F I know, I know, that sounds obscure, and cryptic and you would be correct about the latter. Often things don’t make sense at first until pieced together. That’s just the way it is in Glenside Hospital Museum’s Cataloguing […]



My Exciting Discovery As a Volunteer Archivist

Glenside Hospital Museum

Guest post by Bethany Lamont, one of our new volunteers! “If such tyrants became triumphant on the Western Front what a hell would lie before us!” -Ben Tillett Whilst the Glenside Hospital collection is known for its unexpected finds, imagine my unexpected delight in discovering an original First World War pamphlet within the pages of Dr. […]

Our New Mailing List – Stay Up to Date!

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Glenside Museum now has a newsletter! You can join it by entering your email address on the right-hand column of any main page of the website. We’ll be emailing you 3-5 times a year, keeping you updated on the events happening at the museum. We won’t use your details for any purpose other than contacting you […]



Gorgeous New Designs for our Museum!

Glenside Hospital Museum

Graphic artist John Ravi has been working on renewing our visitor signage. Here’s one of his stylish designs below—what do you think? The team at Glenside think his designs are absolutely gorgeous and capture the essence of the museum. We’re grateful to John for the time and effort he’s been putting in and can’t wait to […]

How A Surprise Visit to the Museum Led to New Discoveries

Glenside Hospital Museum

This week, two visitors arrived at Glenside Hospital Museum bearing gifts. The items relate to Phyllis Davis, who had trained and worked at Glenside Hospital between 1931 and 1938. Phyllis was born in 1911 in Tonypandy, Wales. She left the Hospital in 1938, shortly after marrying a man she met in the Old Tavern pub […]

Phyllis Davis far left sittingadj